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Why have I been called a “high-risk merchant”?

As the number of e-merchants increases, so does the number of incidents, which can have an impact on merchants, particularly those categorized as “high-risk merchants” by their payment service provider.

Why have I been categorized as a “high-risk merchant”?

If your company offers online payment, you should already be familiar with payment service providers such as PayPal, Square or Stripe. Highly represented on the national and international markets, they are often the choice of small and medium-sized businesses. Stripe is a world-renowned PSP (Payment Service Provider) offering online payment services to merchants.

Today, the number of retailers in all sectors is constantly on the rise, which also means an increase in the number of incidents. This growth has a direct impact on merchants, who can be categorized as “high-risk merchants” when they receive emails informing them that their Stripe accounts have been closed or frozen overnight. Merchants need to consider the hidden costs and risks if they choose to use a PSP instead of an independent merchant account.