Automate bank transfer payment reconciliation

CentralPay bank transfer payments enables you to receive SEPA credit transfers from your customers, instantly identify the senders and automatically match them with the amounts due.

écran de téléphone montrant le formumlaire de paiement par virement SCT (SEPA Credit Transfer)
paiement par virement SCT : homme d'affaire qui effecture un virement depuis un ATM physique
capture d'écran du BackOffice CentralPay : informations sur l'IBAN et le BIC de l'utilisateur


Real-time processing of your bank transfer payments

Benefit from an API-connected payment account with a French IBAN. It allows you to collect bank transfers from your customers, and instantly notifies your teams so you don't have to consult your account regularly.
You'll also find that your customers' payments arrive more quickly in your account, thanks to a high update frequency.

capture d'écran du BackOffice : récapitulatif de la liste des clients avec leur virtual IBAN associé
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Virtual IBANs

Automated reconciliation of customers bank transfer payments

Associate a different virtual IBAN with each of your customers or invoices.
This means that when CentralPay receives a bank transfer, it can identify the sender or automatically reconcile the invoice for you, based on the virtual IBAN used by your customer, even if there is a reference error.

Smart Collection

A hosted payment page to optimize the online payment process and automate the collection process, without any technical effort.
To optimize the customer's payment experience.

Customer journey

All bank transfer payment journeys easily integrated

Retrieve Virtual IBANs to display in your invoices and communications from the CentralPay API, or use the Smart Collection module to address the right bank details to your recipient, without any technical effort.

Frequently asked questions

Learn all about the CentralPay bank transfer payments SCT

SEPA is the European Union's initiative to simplify and harmonize bank transfer payments, direct debits and credit card payments in euros within the 30 member countries of the European Economic Area.


Among SEPA payment methods, SCT (SEPA Credit Transfer) is the bank transfer system that enables debtors to transfer funds online, in euros, between two accounts within the zone. A SEPA bank transfer and an SCT therefore correspond to the same service.

Transfer orders entered from Monday to Friday, before 6pm (excluding public holidays), are executed within a maximum of one working day.


For transfer orders issued after 6pm, weekends and public holidays, they are processed on the next working day.

No. Just like a classic IBAN, your CentralPay virtual IBAN is associated with your CentralPay payment account, and enables you to accept transfers to this account only.


CentralPay also lets you associate dedicated virtual IBANs with your customers or specific invoices, so you can automatically identify the origin of incoming bank transfers and instantly update the payment status. Please note that regardless of the virtual IBAN used, the funds will always be transferred to your CentralPay payment account.

Yes. Virtual IBANs remain valid for as long as you consider them useful. Your customers can use the same virtual IBAN several times, which is particularly useful in the case of regular or installment payments, for example.

There are several advantages of using SEPA credit transfer payments:

  • Low costs: These involve transaction fees, charged by the PSP, but which are significantly lower than the various credit card fees.
  • Initiated by the seller: Once a bank transfer has been made, it is impossible to contest it, an important guarantee for the merchant, who doesn't have to worry about chargebacks.
  • Security: Once a SEPA credit transfer order has been issued, funds are transferred directly from account to account, without any third-party intervention.
  • Optimized collection: With dedicated virtual IBANs, it improves relations between professionals and automates the debt collection.

Also known as an “instant bank transfer”, this type of transfer enables immediate execution of funds transfers between two accounts in the SEPA zone. Unlike conventional SEPA bank transfers, funds are available on the account in less than 10 seconds, whatever the day or time.


Whether or not your customers use instant transfers depends essentially on their bank, which may or may not offer this service, free of charge or not.

As soon as your CentralPay account is active, you'll be able to generate virtual IBANs, enabling you to customize your payment journeys according to your payment, reconciliation, and automation needs.


Whether you're using CentralPay services via API or from the BackOffice, all you have to do is specify that you want to generate a virtual IBAN when creating a customer profile ("Customer"). It will then be visible in your BackOffice, payment requests or API requests.