Automate payment collection and reconciliation with a collection solution

European companies use Smart Collection to automate the collection and reconciliation of all their card, transfer and direct debit payments, from all currencies and sales channels.

schéma des 3 canaux de paiement possibles, qui amènent vers le Smart Form CentraPay

Payment methods

A single solution for all your collection needs

Discover the payment methods available with CentralPay

Credit card payment

Accept payments from any credit card, simplify your customers’ payment experience and manage multiple currencies.

Bank transfer payment

Receive your customers’ SEPA transfers in your unified account, instantly identify the issuing customers via virtual IBANs and automatically match them to your receivables.

Direct debit payment

Send SEPA direct debit requests to your customers, create online SEPA mandates in less than a minute and automatically debit their bank accounts.

Payment initiation service

Take control of customer bank transfer initiations, integrate the payment process into your sales tunnel and automate transaction reconciliation.

schéma des 4 canaux de paiement possibles : lien, en magasin, email/sms et site web

Smart Customer

Customer profiles for easier
data management

Centralize the payment history of each of your customers (across all sales channels and payment methods)

Store and secure their payment methods

Facilitate the monitoring of planned or pending customer payments

Consolidate key indicators on their activity (volume, average transactions, frequency, payment default, etc.)

page de paiement Smart Form : récapitulatif de la transaction et choix du moyen de paiement

Smart Form

A secure payment page, ready to use

Offer secure payment journeys in an instant, regardless of the payment method or facility

Benefit from a page optimized for all devices and personalize it with your company's colors

Integrate the payment page into your online sales tunnel or send it by email or SMS with the Smart Push payment link

paiement à distance : paramétrage d'un envoi de lien de paiement - contact et transaction

Smart Link

Payment links sent by email or SMS

Send payment links to your customers from the API or via CentralPay Backoffice

Edit your email or SMS templates and then program automated reminder scenarios

Display the payment link as a QR Code for your paper mail or on the move payments

Benefit from the optimized customer payment journeys from Smart Form payment page

schéma qui explique le fonctionnement des relances de paiement et de la relation client automatisée

Smart Push

Payment automations to streamline customer relations
and internal actions

Inform your customers when an event concerning them occurs in your CentralPay account

Program intelligent payment reminder scenarios according to recurrence and payment plan progress desired

Set up automatic payment retries in the case of payment failure

Notify your teams in real time of incoming payments and synchronize this information automatically with your tracking tools

Frequently asked questions

All about the CentralPay collection solution

All CentralPay payment methods can be integrated into your payment pages, and can be configured according to the payment journey you want to offer.

Whether using a credit card, bank transfer or direct debit, all your payments are stored and unified within a single payment account, to simplify your management.

The CentralPay payment solution offers several advantages:

  • Total automation of your collection journey, between customizable payment pages according to your customer profiles, programmable links, payment reminders and intelligent notifications.
  • Collection optimization, with lettered payment links for seamless traceability and accounting reconciliation of your operations.
  • Financial and human gains, staff are dedicated to strategic financial tasks and less to manual account check and reconciliation.

No. A payment account differs from a bank account in several aspects:

  • Regulations: The Banque de France distinguishes between bank accounts, opened by a credit institution, and payment accounts, opened by a payment institution.
  • Use and purpose : A bank account offers banking services such as loans, savings products or asset management services, unlike a payment account, which is designed to simplify the supervision of cash receipts (the funds are then paid back regularly into the holder's bank account).
  • Fees and associated costs: Banks charge fixed fees (account maintenance, overdraft, etc.), while payment institutions generally charge per transaction received.


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The balance of the CentralPay payment account cannot be negative.

To make a repayment, you must have sufficient funds in your account. In some cases, it may be mandatory to keep a portion of your funds in reserve in your account, which guarantees the availability of funds in the event of a refund or dispute.

Each CentralPay payment account, backed by an online payment API, is associated with a unique French IBAN, enabling you to receive SEPA credit transfers and direct debits on your account, in addition to traditional card payments.

What's more, CentralPay's membership of the SEPA network means you benefit from repeated updates several times a day. You'll see your customers' transfers and direct debits arrive in just a few hours. You'll see your customers' transfers and direct debits arrive in just a few hours.