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Our expertise

Helping you exploit the full potential
of digital payments

In an ever-changing world, CentralPay helps you to automate your collection and transfer processes.

A modular technological environment, providing agility and security

Authorizations to ensure cost and value chain control

Detailed knowledge of a complex industry issues
with multiple shapes


A high-performance, agile
and fully in-house
technological infrastructure

Aware that the choice of a payment partner is crucial to the success and growth of your projects, the CentralPay platform is designed to align with your objectives and IT environments (modular, urbanised micro-services architecture).

API-first and backed by tried-and-tested open source standards, the technological environment is entirely in-house (development, certification, testing, operation and security) to provide a high level of scalability, resilience and agility.


A mastered regulatory base

In order to control the compensation and exchange of data flows on a European and international scale, CentralPay is committed to obtaining approvals.

Directive sur les Services de Paiement 2 (DSP2)

logo de la directive sur les services de paiement (DSP2)
CentralPay est conforme à la 2ème Directive sur les Services de Paiements qui impose notamment des exigences en matière d’authentification forte et de protection des données.


CentralPay obtient annuellement la certification la plus élevée possible en matière de sécurisation des données bancaires et prévention de la fraude ; la norme PCI DSS de niveau 1.

Consulter le certificat de conformité  >


En qualité de membre de l’European Payment Council et sa connexion à l’EBA CLEARING, CentralPay intègre les schémas européens des règlements SEPA afin d’émettre et de recevoir des virements et prélèvements depuis ses propres IBAN et IBAN virtuels.

Réseau SWIFT

logo SWIFTConnecté au réseau SWIFT, messagerie la plus acceptée à l'échelle mondiale, CentralPay est en mesure d’échanger des flux financiers internationaux avec la plupart des banques et institutions financières participantes.

Visa, Mastercard, Cartes Bancaires, American Express

logos de 4 réseaux de cartes : Mastercard, Cartes Bancaires, Visa et American Express
CentralPay est accrédité auprès des grands réseaux de cartes, afin d’optimiser les parcours et la conversion des paiements de tous ses utilisateurs.


A team of payment services experts

CentralPay is committed to healthy growth, enabling users to be supported on a daily basis by stable teams who are experts in their field (compliance, electronic payments, security, etc.).

In line with the pace of change in the B2B, B2C and C2C payments environment, we are fully committed to delivering your projects, without compromise and over the long term.


Become a
Payment Service Provider Agent

Like many business solutions publishers and European platforms, integrate and distribute regulated payment services to your users, backed by the expertise of an accredited payment institution.

Integration of a robust payment platform that complies with current regulations

Full control of the contracting and onboarding process for new merchants

Technical, commercial and legal support from a dedicated CentralPay team


Over 20 years of expertise at your service


Creation of the CentralPay payment institution, in Tours


The platform is certified PCI-DSS Level 1


Complete platform overhaul


CentralPay became a Payment and Electronic Money Institution


CentralPay turns 20!


SEPA STEP2 membership


SWIFT Member


The management team
from CentralPay

Guillaume Ponsard
Founder & CEO
Anthony Mabilleau
General Director
Alina Alistarh
Customer risks & backoffice director
Victor Derrier
Business development director

Valérie Leperlier-Roy
Legal and Compliance Department

Natacha Pedroso
Operations Department



A dozen positions to fill

Fintech jobs are varied and exciting:
KYC/KYB Analyst, Developer, Ops, Customer Success Manager, Account Manager…

Frequently asked questions

All about the CentralPay payment institution

The execution of an online payment may require the intervention of several third parties:

  • A payment gateway is the intermediary service responsible for collecting, processing, and transmitting payment data between the customer and the acquiring bank. This technical device is a bridge guaranteeing the transmission and security of transaction information.
  • A Payment Service Provider (PSP) is a player regulated by the Banque de France, which combines the functions of payment gateway and payment processor.

CentralPay operates its services from a French datacenter. The equipment and services operated on these two sites are fully redundant: Tier III datacenter design, ISO 27001 & PCI DSS Level 1 standards, triple induction Telecom, storage bays and Active/Active environment between the two sites, on-site technical teams...

This highly secure environment enables CentralPay to deliver a contractual SLA of 99.9% with an RPO (maximum data loss) of maximum 60 seconds and an RTO (recovery time) of maximum 15 min.

Unlike banks, payment institutions are not authorized to invest their customers' funds.

In addition, as an authorized E-money and Payment Institution, CentralPay is legally obliged to keep all account holders' funds in a protective account, guaranteeing their security. In the event of a banking panic, users would get their money back almost instantly.

It's a design and development approach centered on the creation of a robust, consistent and well-documented Application Programming Interface (API), which ensures communication with other different applications and services.

Rather than building an infrastructure with a specific user interface, the First CentralPay API promotes reusability, scalability and flexibility, enabling the software to evolve smoothly over time and be easily integrated by users.