Offer secure payment
to your customers

CentralPay secure payment ensures that customer card data is processed and that merchants' financial risk is kept under control.

paiement sécurisé : Equipe de développeurs qui travaillent à sécuriser l'infrstucture de paiement

3DSecure 2.0

Authenticated customers, controlled risks

Limit your risk of customer disputes by systematically using 3DS authentication for your cardholder customers.
With 3DS 2.0 protocol, if the cardholder's payment conditions are considered normal, he or she can benefit from frictionless authentication, with no redirection to the banking application.

paiement sécurisé : récapitulatif d'une fiche carte bancaire anonymisée par un token


Secure processing of card data

The direct storage of bank cards represents a major risk, forcing merchants to manage the protection of this data and bear the cost of a secure infrastructure.
With tokenisation, sensitive data is stored in the PCI-DSS CentralPay infrastructure, and credit cards are replaced by secure tokens, unusable in case of intrusion or compromise of your information system.

Frequently asked questions

Learn all about CentralPay secure payment

CentralPay holds several approvals and accreditations in order to offer secure payment services and methods on a European and international scale:

  • Payment Service Provider (PSP) accreditation, approved as a Payment and Electronic Money Institution by the Banque de France through its Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (CIB 17138).
  • PCI-DSS certification, the highest level of security in the payment card industry
  • DSP2-compliant, with requirements for strong authentication and data protection on the Internet

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