Simplify customer data management with unified and secure profiles

Smart Customers profiles centralize each customer's history, store their payment methods, make it easy to track future payments and much more.

schéma des 4 canaux de paiement possibles : lien, en magasin, email/sms et site web
Profil client : BO marchand lui permettant de voir l'historique client et ses personnalisations


Customer profiles embedded in your account

Create Smart Customer profiles in your CentralPay account to :

Centralize each customer's payment history (across all sales channels and payment methods)
Digitize and secure their payment methods
Facilitate tracking of scheduled and pending payments
Consolidate key business indicators (volume, average transactions, frequency, payment defaults, etc.)
Profil client : Portail client lui permettant de voir son historique et personnalisations choisies


A portal to digitalize your customer relations

A white-label portal is generated for each customer profile, and is securely accessible to them.
This portal enables your customers to consult their payment history, manage their current operations (update their default payment method, cancel a subscription, etc.) and interact with you (indicate the invoice corresponding to a payment, contact your finance department, etc.).