Improve accessibility by simplifying KYB and KYC process

CentralPay's simplified KYC and KYB procedures reduce the constraints on platforms entering into relationships, while ensuring their compliance.

procédure KYC KYB : vérification de l'identité avec pièce d'identité et reconnaissance faciale
procédure d'onboarding : écran du backoffice montrant l'étape 1 de création d'un compte - profil


Turnkey KYB and KYC collection processes

Provide an optimized account creation portal, enabling your participants to fill their personal information and provide their identity documents in complete security.

The portal includes :

Creation of the account holder's user profile
Creation of its company's account
Collection of identity and supporting documents
Electronic signature of your terms and conditions
procédure KYC KYB : écran du BackOffice attestant que compte marchand est créé et levée des limites


Simplified KYB and KYC process

Benefit from several features designed to simplify your participants' onboarding process:

Sequential mode Create accounts with limited collection volume, requiring a lighter KYC or KYB. Ask for additional documents only if your participant wishes to remove its account limits.
Connection to courts administration service: Automatically retrieve your participants' certificate of incorporation by simply entering their company identification number.
procédure KYC KYB : Validation de la procédure de vérification d'identité de Lola Rossi


Automated identity verification procedure

Automate the creation of accounts for your individual participants, while keeping control of your onboarding process:

Manage the collection of your participants' data and identity documents
Instantly validate your participants' KYC with an automatic document verification tool
CentralPay remains responsible for all control lines regarding the regulator

Dedicated to partners with Payment Service Provider Agent status

procédure d'onboarding : écran du backoffice montrant le formulaire pour la création d'un compte

Electronic money

Anonymous e-money account

Benefit from the KYC process for electronic money distributors and their participants:

Anonymous e-money accounts created instantly with no need for identity documents

Limited to €150 balance, and €150 collected per 30 days

Beyond that, identity document is required.

Reserved for C2C or B2C2C activities, excluding special and financial activities

Frequently asked questions

Learn all about CentralPay KYB and KYC process

Literally “Know Your Customer / Know Your Business”, this mandatory protocol aims to verify the identity and compliance of all platform users, before they create their CentralPay account.


Required by the regulator, KYB / KYC process enables us to assess the level of merchant risk and prevent fraud, money laundering and the financing of terrorism (LCB-FT).

Once the documents have been received, the CentralPay Compliance department undertakes to analyze and respond within a maximum of 48 working hours.

As part of the KYB / KYC procedure, CentralPay collects and analyzes certain information from the platform operator and all its users, including :

  • Identity: last name, first name, postal address, email, telephone...
  • Legal documents: ID or passport, proof of address…
  • Company documents: certificate of incorporation, company statutes...


This information is treated confidentially and securely, in accordance with current data protection regulations.