Simplify integration with an online payment page

The Smart Form payment page enables you to offer fast, efficient payment journeys for all payment methods.

page de paiement Smart Form : récapitulatif de la transaction et choix du moyen de paiement
sélection des 4 moyens de paiement CentralPay : carte bancaire, virement, prélèvement et e-wallets

Customer journey

One page to accept all payments

Diversify your payment journeys:

Payment methods: credit card, bank transfer, SDD direct debit, and payment initiation service
Payment types: unitary, subscription, installment, credit card imprint or pre-authorization
Major currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, CHF
écrans qui montrent le parcours de paiement par carte et celui par e-wallet Apple et Google Pay


A page to simplify payment

Improve your conversion rate by simplifying the customer payment journey:

Apple Pay and Google Pay for payments on smartphones or tablets
One click payment from cards saved by the customer
Multi-card payment to ensure high amount payments
personnalisation de la page de paiement Smart Form


A personalized payment page, accessible from anywhere

Benefit from optimal display at all times and integrate your brand image:

Responsive display for all types of screens or devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc.)
Customizable with your logo and colors
partie du code permettant de paramétrer la page de paiement et le lien de paiement

Use cases

An easy-to-integrate payment page

Integrate the Smart Form payment page into your sales tunnel in just a few minutes, or send it by email or SMS using the Smart Link payment service.

Frequently asked questions

Learn all about the Smart Form payment page

There are two ways to integrate a payment page on your website:

  • Smart Form payment page, which includes most of the payment methods and types offered by CentralPay. Integrable with only a few lines of codes, it is optimized for all types of devices and opens in pop-in or new page, before bringing the user back to your site once the payment is done.
  • Custom Form payment page, which allows you to develop your own form through our payment API and integrate it on your website, to allow your customers to pay without redirection or pop-in.

Learn more about web integrations of payment pages >

Yes. CentralPay uses an ergonomic system that automatically adjusts the Smart Form format to all devices, whether mobile, tablet or computer.

Regardless of the integration method chosen for your form (Smart or Custom), our solution adapts to offer a seamless and optimal payment experience on all media and screen sizes.

All payment methods are accessible from the CentralPay Smart Form. Credit card, bank card, direct debit or payment initiation - your payment pages can be fully customized to suit your single or recurring collection needs:

  • Omnichannel: online, email, SMS, etc.
  • Payment type: subscription, installment, deposit, pre-authorization, etc.
  • Payment facilities: one click, Apple and Google Pay…
  • Multi-currency

The Smart Form payment page automatically adapts to the payment methods and facilities defined in the settings, changing the information and fields accordingly. This permanent adjustment of the page composition allows the total customization of the payment page to the specific needs of each transaction.