Pay your participants with a payment transfer solution

European platforms simplify their enrollment process and automate value exchanges with their participants.

encaissement pour compte de tiers sur une plateforme : paiement et répartition des flux
procédure KYC KYB : vérification de l'identité avec pièce d'identité et reconnaissance faciale


Simplified KYC and KYB onboarding

Benefit from efficient onboarding services and a KYB / KYC process tailored to your business:

Onboarding portal: turnkey KYB and KYC collection journey
Sequential mode: KYC and KYB adapted to account collection volumes
Connection to courts administration service : automatic certificate of incorporation and beneficial owner recovery
Level 1 delegation: control and integration of the KYC collection stage
Anonymous electronic money: opening limited account without KYC


Payment and e-money accounts

Discover the two types of CentralPay accounts:

Payment account

Suitable for all types of structures and activities
Your participants instantly receive the funds you transfer to them
KYC or KYB realized during account opening, before starting collecting payments
Access to a dedicated backoffice to view transactions executed on your account

E-money account

Only for individuals and C2C or B2C2C activities, excluding special and financial activities
Your participants instantly receive the funds you transfer to them
Without KYC documents up to €150 balance or collection over 30 days
Access to a dedicated backoffice to view transactions executed on your account
schéma du fonctionnement des flux entre les différents comptes de paiement


Third-party payment
collection and transfer

Collect payments and transfer funds to your participants' accounts:

Credit or debit your participants' accounts
Free, instant transfers between accounts
Ensure a high level of compliance and traceability of transactions
Your participants can have either a payment account or an e-money account

Frequently asked questions

Learn all about Easy Wallet payment transfer solution

Easy Wallet is available to all companies registered in Europe that collect and transfer payments on behalf of third parties: B2B, B2C or C2C marketplaces, crowdfunding, crowdlending or crowdequity platforms, as well as retail networks.

Each use case presents the Easy Wallet solution in a specific context:



  • You are the manager of a network of independent retailers, franchisees or a mixed network: CentralPay combines a prepaid support with an account enabling real-time clearing and traceability.
    Discover the retailer networks use case >

Under the Directive on Payment Services 2 (PSD2), which regulates platforms operating on behalf of third parties, three options are possible:

  • Be a registered Payment Institution with the ACPR: This accreditation allows you to manage your collections and transfers in total autonomy. However, it requires sufficient financial, human and technical resources to be and remain in line with the regulator’s requirements.
  • Applying for an authorization exemption: There are exceptional grounds for obtaining an exemption from the ACPR, for example in the case of “limited range of products and services” or “limited network of acceptors”.
  • Use a Payment Service Provider (PSP): Platforms can manage their transactions using the payment services of an Authorized Institution such as CentralPay. These Payment Service Provider Agents are supported by their Payment Institution on various subjects: compliance with the regulations governing Payment Services (regulation, reporting, AML/CTF, etc.), removal of technical barriers and validation of financial plans to collect and transfer their transactions.

Also known as a "wallet", an account is a medium for the collection, storage, and processing of financial transactions. Different from a bank account, it cannot have a negative balance.


Depending on your activity, the Easy Wallet solution gives you the possibility to create different accounts:

  • The payment account, used to collect and process payments before transferring them to one or more bank accounts.
  • The e-money account, dedicated to individuals, is used to receive and exchange value within a given network of acceptors (C2C marketplace, merchant network, etc.).