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3 reasons to integrate invoice payment into your software

Although payments are becoming increasingly digital and automated, there are still many companies that have not integrated these new processes into their invoicing software. However, invoice payment is often a source of time-consuming administrative tasks, high failure rates and long payment times. Today, invoice processing accounts for around 25% of a company’s administrative work.

It’s a strategic hub that shouldn’t be overlooked. Integrating a digital payment solution into your invoicing software means :

  • Time-saving
  • Simplified cash management
  • A better customer experience and relationship
  • Better protection against fraud

Faster, easier and more secure invoice payment

By integrating a payment solution directly into your invoicing software, you can considerably reduce payment delays. Whether by credit card, direct debit or, more generally, SEPA credit transfer, your customers can pay their invoices directly as soon as they are issued.

No need to connect to your bank, import the transfer information into your personal space and wait for the bank to make the payment. Thanks to the payment link integrated into the invoice, all your customers have to do is click on the link that redirects them to a secure payment page and pay directly online using their preferred payment method.

  • For your customers: easier bill payment
  • For you: shorter payment terms

Optimized reconciliation and simplified cash management

By integrating an invoice payment solution directly into your management software, you can keep control of your cash flow and save time on reconciliation tasks, allowing you to focus on value-added tasks. The payment link integrated into your invoices is :

  • A clear view of your payments

Whether your payment requests have been sent, paid, pending, recurring or one-off payments, etc., you benefit from optimum traceability of your payments.

  • Automate your bank reconciliation and collection processes

Your accounting tasks are simplified, as well as benefiting from detailed reports, payment information automatically feeds back into your tool, giving you a solid view of your cash flow and payments for each invoice, even for settlements without reference or with incorrect amounts.

Improved, automated customer relations

In addition to simplifying the customer journey, integrating a payment solution with your billing software also enables you to facilitate and automate communication between the various parties.

The invoice with payment link also has the advantage of being able to be controlled by automatic reminders that will be sent as long as the payment has not been honored. Information on payment progress is updated in real time, allowing you to avoid any errors and only take control when a customer encounters difficulties or exceeds the agreed payment deadline.

By automating your customer relations, you also reduce the risk of disputes and improve your cash flow.