High-risk payment solution
for special sectors

Aware of the challenges faced by merchants in so-called “High Risk” activities,
our aim is to make it easy for you to accept online payments while securing your income over the long term.

Supervised activities

I want to optimise the collection of my customer payments.

Platform package

API and backoffices access
Customer & technical support
Dedicated Account manager

Card transaction

All European cards

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All international cards

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SEPA transaction

SEPA Bank transfers and Direct debits

290 €
per month
3,90 % + 0,35 €
5,40 % + 0,35 €

3 % + 0,35 €

Medium company
990 €
per month
2,60 % + 0,35 €
4,10 % + 0,35 €

2 % + 0,35 €

2 990 €
per month
Interchange+ at cost price*
+ 1 % + 0,30 €

1 % + 0,30 €

* Interchange+ represents the fees charged by banks and card schemes. They vary according to the type and brand of card.

Payment methods

Boost the acceptance rate of High Risk card and SEPA bank transfer payments

Credit card payment

Accept a wide range of cards (CB, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.) and offer payment facilities (one-click, Apple Pay, Google Pay).
Set up recurring payments by subscription, installment payment or secure card imprint
Accept major currencies: Euros (EUR), Dollars (USD), Swiss Francs (CHF) or Pounds (GBP)

Bank transfer payment

Benefit from a French IBAN to receive your SEPA transfers with ease
Benefit from more frequent updates of incoming SEPA bank transfers, thanks to several daily updates to your account
Present a different virtual IBAN to each of your customers or for each of your invoices, so that the issuer or payment request is automatically matched to the bank transfer.
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paiement high risk : femme en terrasse qui tchatte sur son téléphone
tarification PSP : formulaire de paiement par carte bancaire


Industries not accepted or subject to conditions

Dating websites
Online entertainment and charm
Spirituality and divination
Software downloads
Online gaming (excluding betting)
Sale of prohibited products and services / not complying with legislation
Sale of pharmaceuticals and related products
Sale of any goods or dissemination of any image contrary to public order
Weapons sales
Sale of drugs or any illicit product, including cannabis derivatives (e.g. cannabidiol)
Sale of nutritional products / food supplements
Websites promoting terrorism or racism
Unlicensed sale of alcohol
Sale of tobacco
E-cigarette sales
Sale of pirating devices / spyware
Investments, assets
Massage parlors
Debt collection agencies
Sale of counterfeit products
Extremist / ultra-radical / dissident / sectarian movements
Escort services
File-sharing websites
Buying currencies
Money transfer (sending money to people in high-risk countries)
Guarantees / deposits

Count on a
reliable payment partner

Increase your
acceptance rate by 20%

Comply with
European regulations

Secure your payments, avoid
strong, disputes and fraud

Customer journey

High-risk payment paths,
integrated with ease

logo Smart Collection, la solution d'encaissement des paiements CentralPay (blanc)

Smart Collection

The collection solution for centralising and automating all your customer collections, whatever the channel or payment method used.

Your sales tunnel is unique. That's why we give you the freedom to choose the integration mode best suited to your platform.

Develop your own "Custom" payment form using the CentralPay API
Integrate the Smart Form hosted payment page, without any technical effort

Frequently asked questions

Learn all about CentralPay high risk merchant accounts

Several measures have been taken to protect high-risk credit card transactions:

  • Payment Service Provider (PSP) accreditation, PCI-DSS certification and accreditation by the main credit card networks (Visa, Mastercard, Cartes Bancaires and American Express) guarantee the security of all online payments.
  • 3DSecure 2.0 protocol, which systematically sends a strong authentication, to check the cardholder's identity and limit card disputes.
  • Tokenised credit card processing for secure storage of cards and associated customer data

High-risk payments naturally involve greater risk, and are subject to stricter legal supervision. CentralPay keeps a close eye on the running and use of these high risk merchant accounts, and regularly transmits their information to the regulator.

For this purpose, CentralPay has established a specific pricing, which includes :

Fixed fees :

  • Monthly package including access to the platform (API and backoffices), technical and sales support and assistance from an Account Manager
  • Integration support costs, which vary according to the technical complexity and level of configuration required by merchants.

Variable fees, deducted from the amount of each card transaction:

  • Interchange fees, billed by the cardholder's bank which carries out the transaction.
  • Card Scheme Fees, charged by bank card networks (CB, Visa, Mastercard).
  • Service fees, invoiced by CentralPay to operate the platform and associated services. These fees vary according to the volume of sales and the options negotiated at the beginning of the contract.

Extra fees : additional charges deducted on an exceptional basis in the event of a card dispute by the customer, for example.

High Risk CentralPay service offers several advantages:

  • Secure, frictionless card payment services for you and your customers
  • Customized pricing, adapted to your business industry and your collection project
  • Personalized support from teams with expertise and experience in this specific field

The opening of a high risk payment account requires a double validation by CentralPay teams:

  1. Project qualification with our sales team (collection volumes, business model, desired solution, etc.)
  2. Risk assessment by our compliance unit (country of domicile, business sector, customer dispute rate, etc.)
  3. Project acceptance or rejection

For verification purposes, and in accordance with current regulations, you will be asked to provide supporting documents at each stage of the process.