Accelerate your growth with a marketplace payment solution

Marketplaces easily accept all types of online payment, hold their merchants funds and automate transfers.

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Efficiently manage your marketplace payment journeys

Marketplaces connect customers with merchants. They are all subject to certain regulatory constraints that may impact their user experience more or less heavily. However, some priorities stand out according to their business model:
  • B2B: automating bank transfer payment management
  • B2C: simplifying platform accessibility for new merchants
  • C2C: limit management costs for merchants operating low-value sales


As a relay between customers and merchants, marketplaces must act as trusted third parties, holding financial transactions. They must also ensure their merchants compliance and the exchanged funds’ traceability by opening accounts for each merchant.
The creation of payment accounts and the lack of payment automation are issues that have a direct impact on the marketplace’s success. If the platform is difficult for merchants to access, or offers limited services, the offerings catalog will be limited, and customers will shop elsewhere.
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A marketplace payment solution, for all business models

Find out how CentralPay meets your challenges

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B2B Marketplace

Our various payment methods allow us to automate the management of payments by credit card, direct debit and bank transfer.

For bank transfer payments, you receive your customers’ funds on virtual IBANs differentiated by customer, so that all your customer identification and bank reconciliation tasks are carried out instantly and automatically.

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B2C Marketplace

With Easy Wallet, you can collect cash on behalf of third parties, segregate funds and automate transfers to your merchants’ accounts and your commission account.

Simplified KYC process, automatic certificate of incorporation retrieval, automatic ID validation: access to your platform has never been so easy.

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C2C Marketplace

Easy Wallet e-money account enables your individual merchants to receive or transfer limited amounts of money, without having to undergo an ID collection procedure.

As well as simplifying access to your platform, you’ll reduce the costs associated with creating these accounts and optimise your transaction costs when making purchases on your platform.

In addition

Managing your marketplace as a PSP agent

Unlike traditional e-commerce merchants, platforms operating third party payments are required to obtain Payment Service Provider Agent status in order to practice. This status offers several advantages for marketplaces:

  • Enhance your platform with integrated payment services
  • Mastering contractualization and commercial negotiation processes
  • Become a trusted third party between your merchants and your customers

Find out how to become a Payment Service Provider Agent >

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Frequently asked questions

Learn all about the CentralPay marketplace payment solution

The choice of your marketplace payment solution and, more generally, your PSP, is a decisive factor in your success. There are three main services to consider:

  • Acquiring management: which payment methods are accepted? How automated is the management of these payment methods?
  • Reversals management: what KYC - KYB procedure applies to my sellers? What is the cost of funds transfers?
  • Support: how can my PSP partner help me to integrate and optimise my use of payment services? Does he know my business industry characteristics and main issues?

The integration or migration phase to the CentralPay marketplace payment solution is supervised by our integration teams, who will support you in its analysis and implementation. Together we will study your specifications and send you a summary of the API requests to be carried out.

If your site is driven by a marketplace solution, we invite you to ask your supplier to enable CentralPay to manage its integration with this solution.

In the event of migration, we are able to recover credit card data, SEPA mandates and other elements from your previous partner, to ensure perfect continuity of your services.

As payment management is at the heart of your business, the payment solution you use has a direct impact on your competitiveness:

  • Automate the management of incoming and outgoing payments to reduce processing time and operational costs for your finance department.
  • Simplify the account creation process to increase the number of sellers and expand your marketplace catalog.
  • Accept several payment methods and offer payment facilities to your buyers to improve your conversion rate.

Yes, the flexibility of CentralPay's payment marketplace solution means you can keep your existing payment contracts with your historical banks/PSPs. CentralPay will receive the funds by transfer on D+1 into a platform account and will supervise the payments to the sellers concerned.