Optimize and regulate your financial platform payments

With CentralPay, financial or crowdfunding platforms can automate contributions collection, beneficiaries identification and participants compensation.

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Regulate and optimize your financial platform operations

Project owners benefit from visibility with potential investors thanks to financial or crowdfunding platforms. As this activity is regulated, they must meet a number of regulatory obligations:
  • Obtain authorization as a ECSP (European Crowdfunding Service Provider) or ISP (Prestataire de Services d’Investissements) from the AMF, in order to identify participants and manage transactions.
  • Be supervised by a Payment Institution authorized by ACPR, to ensure the funds origins, the beneficiaries’ identification, and the due diligence performed by the platform, such as KYC/KYB.


Financial platforms need to meet the regulators’ demands, while minimizing the impact of these constraints on their users, to make investment journeys as simple as possible.
The complexity of the investor identification process and the lack of payment automation are frequent problems that have a direct impact on the platforms’ service quality and profitability.
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A third-party payment solution tailored for financial platforms

Find out how CentralPay meets your challenges

Collecting investor payments

CentralPay payment methods automate the collection and management of payments by credit card, direct debit and bank transfer.

For bank transfer payments, you receive your participants’ funds on virtual IBANs differentiated by project and investor, so that all your customer identification and bank reconciliation tasks are carried out instantly and automatically.

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Beneficiaries funds escrow & compensation

With Easy Wallet, you can collect third party payments, segregate the funds and automatically redistribute them to the beneficiaries’ accounts and your commission account.

You benefit from full traceability of investor payments without requiring them to create a payment account, and you can automate payments to your project beneficiaries.

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Investor's identification and compensation

For projects with financial compensation, creating an account for each of your investors enables you to identify and pay them automatically.

Simplified KYC process, automatic ID validation, automatic certificate of incorporation retrieval: investing on your platform has never been so easy.

In addition

Support from an independent French institution

Regulators are particularly attentive to the activities of financial and crowdfunding platforms. There are a number of different ways of operating, which requires their payment institution partner to be highly agile and well-versed in legal matters. With CentralPay, you benefit from:

  • Modular and urbanized architecture in microservices, for more agility
  • A regulatory base and titular authorizations, for more possibilities
  • A team of payment services experts, for tailor-made support
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Frequently asked questions

Learn all about the CentralPay financial platform payment solution

The solution is suitable for all European partners providing crowdfunding services, regardless of their business model:

  • Crowdfunding (with or without counterpart)
  • Crowdlending
  • Crowdequity

CentralPay accepts partners with AMF authorization, such as ESCP (European Crowdfunding Service Provider) and ISP (Investment service provider), or with a legal note justifying their legal model.

The solution is modular and can be adapted to each platform, with 3 operating options:

  • Acquisition only: Investors' funds are held at CentralPay and released once the project has been validated. You are responsible for identifying investors and making payments to beneficiaries.
  • Acquisition and identification: Investor transfers are identified and reconciled automatically. You are responsible for making payments to beneficiaries.
  • Acquisition, identification and payment: Your investors open a CentralPay account enabling you to automate the identification of their payments and the transfer of their interest or counterparties.