Simplify online payment journeys

B2B and B2C online stores expand their online and remote sales from any payment method with CentralPay.

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Efficiently manage online payment methods and channels

The world’s population uses the major shopping platforms, and their easy-to-use payment journeys are becoming the norm. If they don’t want to impact their conversion rate, retailers must keep pace by responding to new consumer expectations:

  • Accept several payment methods: credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, payment initiation and sometimes even SEPA bank transfers and direct debits.
  • Offer several payment channels: online on the merchant website,
    remotely by email and SMS, or even in person if necessary


Whether it’s a B2B or B2C business, poor management
of online payment channels and methods can generate
several impacts:

  • Additional costs and time lost in manual management of some payments (bank transfers, direct debits)
  • Customers’ dissatisfaction, caused by an inconsistent or improper payment experience
  • Cart abandon, if payment facilities are not
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Unify your operations with
an online payment platform

Discover how CentralPay meets your challenges

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Various payment methods

A single collection account from which you receive all your payments by credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, bank transfers and SEPA direct debits in real time. You maximize your conversion rate and limit your management costs.
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Omnichannel journeys

A hosted payment form to optimize the checkout process effortlessly from all your sales channels:
website, cell phone, mail, email and SMS. Unifying sales journeys has never been easier.
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Payment links

An intelligent remote payment link. Controlled by mailing and reminders scenarios via email or SMS. They react to payment statuses and stop automatically as soon as the transaction is completed.
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In addition

Payment initiation service

Companies and businesses with high average basket are faced to constraints of credit card limits and SEPA transfer processing delays. Thanks to Open Banking, a new online payment method is emerging to address these issues: the payment initiation service.

The payment settings (amount, recipient IBAN, etc.) are sent by the merchant to the customer’s bank. In this way, a pre-filled SEPA bank transfer is subject to validation by the customer in his banking app. The merchant is instantly informed of the transfer acceptation, is not limited to a certain amount and benefits from secure payment, with no dispute risk.

Frequently asked questions

Learn all about the CentralPay online payment solution

The solution is designed for online sellers willing to optimize their conversions, and for companies needing to digitalize their payment processes. We also supply business software providers looking to integrate payment services easily into their environment.

CentralPay is accessible to all entities registered in the European Economic Area, and can accept payments from customers all over the world.

CentralPay makes it easy to accept credit card payments (CB, Visa, Mastercard, American Express) in Euros, Pounds, US Dollars and Swiss Francs.


The solution also covers other online payment methods: bank transfers, SEPA direct debits, payment initiation, as well as payments by Apple Pay and Google Pay. It does not handle cash or cheques.

You receive and view your transactions in real time on your CentralPay account. The funds collected are then transferred to your bank account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

CentralPay offers two recurring payment services by credit card or SEPA direct debit:

Due dates are settled as and when debits are made, and include a retry system to automate debt collection in case of failure.

CentralPay fees are only applied to transactions processed, and are adjusted according to the collection volumes and payment methods.

These fees include:

  • Access to CentralPay payment services
  • Support from our expert teams
  • Technical costs incurred by banking organizations or card schemes

No additional costs, no subscription fees.

Find out more about our pricing >

Integration can be:

  • Fully customized, using our solution's API services
  • Simplified, by calling our Smart Form hosted payment page
  • Accessible without code, via our payment plugins for WooCommerce, Prestashop and Shopify websites

For remote payments, it is also possible to send payment links by email / SMS from the CentralPay Backoffice.