Optimize the performance of debt collection professionals

Debt collection agencies automate their collection processes and simplify their debtors' payment journey with CentralPay.

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Divided debt collection journeys

Debt collection professionals have to offer their debtors a maximum number of payment methods and journeys, in order to optimize the time it takes to collect their debts. This diversity can, however, cause difficulties for:
  • Offer a simple, secure payment process for both single and installment payments, across all channels
  • Automatically reconcile payments, regardless of the payment method used
  • Update the payment status quickly in the information system, to avoid abusive reminders.


Debt collection teams are forced to organize themselves to actively monitor their various payment channels, set up customized payment schedules for certain debtors, and follow them up at the right time, with the right information.
Despite teams’ best efforts, the payment status is not always up to date in the information system. Without real-time data, automatic reminders systems can make mistakes that generate additional exchanges with debtors.
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Omnichannel collection services

Discover how CentralPay meets your challenges

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Unified debt collection

CentralPay account unifies your credit management. You can easily manage all your payments by credit card, bank transfer and SEPA direct debit, and automate the setting up of installment payments by credit card or SEPA direct debit.

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Omnichannel journeys

A hosted payment page to optimize the checkout process effortlessly across all your sales channels: website, phone, mail, email, and SMS. Integrating a payment solution has never been easier.
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Automated notifications

As soon as a payment is received, the CentralPay account updates in real time the invoice payment status in your information system, via API or CSV files. Emailing scenarios can also be used to automatically inform or follow-up with your debtors.

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In addition

An Virtual IBAN
per debt

Debt collection agencies managing numerous bank transfers spend several hours a day on account checking and bank reconciliation tasks, and handle debtors transfer references mistakes.

With CentralPay’s virtual IBAN service, each debt is associated with a unique IBAN, enabling you to systematically identify the debtor and automatically match the transfer to the right debt, 24/7.

How does CentralPay help you collect debts?

The CentralPay solution has enabled us to secure and optimize our card, transfer and direct debit payment processes, and then to automate the entire collection chain: from our debtor area to the reconciliation of transactions in our IS.

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Frequently asked questions

Learn all about the CentralPay debt collection solution

The solution is used as much by companies' debt collectors department as by debt collection agencies and bailiffs. We also equip debt collection software looking to expand their amicable debt collection services.

It is accessible to all entities registered in the European Economic Area, and enables debt to be recovered from debtors located in France and abroad.

The CentralPay debt collection solution aim to automate and simplify the amicable debt collection stage as much as possible, so that users can devote their time to managing any disputes or legal proceedings.

It can also be used before it becomes an outstanding debt.

Find out more about recurring payment models : subscription payment and installment payment

Integration can be done via API or flat file exchange (CSV format):

  • Your Information System or ERP sends CentralPay a daily list of debts.
  • CentralPay creates a dedicated payment page for each one and returns them to you.
  • You can integrate these payment URLs into your debtor area, your email/SMS communications, and as QR codes on your paper mail.
  • CentralPay notifies your ERP in real time as soon as a payment is received, whether by credit card, bank transfer or SEPA direct debit.

When a debtor calls, telephone operators can transfer the payment link by email/SMS from the CentralPay Backoffice, or create an installment payment according to the terms negotiated with the debtor.